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SCHR FAQs – From Freshdesk Knowledge Base

What is SolveCubeHR?

Intelligent, exclusive to HR, aggregator platform for providers (sellers) and consumers (buyers) of HR services and products to buy, sell & transact all solutions online.

It blends HR domain expertise with intelligent technology to provide capability-matched HR freelancers and tech products instantly.

Brings together a fragmented and unevenly distributed HR solutions industry to make access to HR solutions simple and cost effective.

What can I expect from SolveCubeHR?

Buy HR Ready Tools, Ready to use policies, Templates, Handbooks, and Diagnostic tools

HR on call - Pay a small fee and set up a hour long call online to get quick advice from HR experts.

HR on demand - Hire the services of a HR expert on a Turnkey assignment basis or retainer-ship to Set up, Step up or Transform HR in your organization

Negotiate, contract and make payments online

Fully on-boarded Freelancers and HR tech providers will receive "interest to purchase" leads from buyers in real time

Where is it located?

An online platform accessible from desktop and mobile devices across key countries.

Which markets does it cater to?

It is currently focused on the Singapore, India & Mauritius with plans to expand into 10 other countries.

When does it launch?

SolveCubeHR went live in July 2019

Who needs this platform?

Buyers: Those who are looking for HR services and solutions

Organizations that are looking to set-up step up or transform their HR function

Organizations that are growing and find that some business problems have HR solutions that can be solved on a project or turnkey assignment basis

Investor companies whose investee companies do not have a specialized HR function but need agile services to build and support their people agenda

Organizations that are looking to optimize HR costs with agile solutions

Business leaders and HR heads who need quick advice on specific HR related issues

Organizations that are looking for HR freelance resources that they can trust

Established HR consulting firms who need additional HR resources on assignment basis to scale up operations
SME's that need HR operational support and strategic people management support but cannot afford the standard solutions available in the market

Enterprises that are expanding into new markets and need HR support in the new location

Service providers: Those who have the capability and capacity to provide HR solutions

Individual Freelance Consultants in the gig economy who are looking for more work opportunities HR tech solutions who are looking for more buyers for their products

Individuals, boutique firms and tech solution providers who find that marketing takes away bandwidth from their core function

Boutique firms that need to scale up

Why SolveCubeHR?

Knowing what HR solutions you need; where to find them; and finding them all at one place increases productivity by up to 35%

Sellers save on marketing costs

No more cold calling- leads are delivered to your email box!

Enhances efficiency - it's matchmaking engine automatically delivered only the best capability matched to task options in a rank ordered fashion

Provides reach and accessibility to both buyers and sellers

Who is behind SolveCubeHR platform?

SolveCubeHR is a product of iCube Consortium Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based Human Capital technology solutions firm

The Company is led by a team of HCM experts with Global HR expertise and a team of Technology experts

How does it work?

For Turnkey assignments

Buyers and Sellers register themselves for free on the platform

The Seller builds their complete profile with their experience, areas of specializations, qualifications etc. to on-board themselves on the platform. Providing as much detail as possible increases the chances of being tapped for assignments

Once registered, the Buyer posts their requirement in the posting section of the platform.

The intelligent matchmaking engine gets to work when the Buyer clicks on the submit button, instantly providing several rank ordered curated recommendations of the best fit capability to do the job.

The seller is informed that they have been identified as one of the few for an assignment. If the seller chooses to apply for the job at hand they pay the led fee and present their proposal for discussion with the buyer.

The buyer is also simultaneously informed of the interest. Upon paying the referral fee the buyer receives the proposals for discussion online.

Both buyer and seller proceed to discuss the proposal, finalize and sign the contract, after which the assignment commences.

The buyer deposits the first tranche of the payment and the seller get paid-on completion of the set milestone.

For HR on call

The buyer posts requirement following which the best possible matches are identified and presented to the buyer. The HR expert is simultaneously informed of the posted requirement. The buyer pays the fee and fixes the time for the call online.

Buying HR ready to use tools, policies and templates

The buyer chooses the products to buy, pays and downloads it for use.

How will I benefit from SolveCubeHR as a buyer?

Save time

There is no waiting for the right HR expert to come along to fulfil your HR requirement; nor do sellers have to wait for a buyer to respond to their cold calling initiatives.
No need to sift through listing directories, or, making numerous calls to find the best possible solution

Save Money

No more high cost of marketing your capability for sellers and buyers need pay only for what they need, whenever they need it.


All HR solutions whether related to HR expert services or HR tech solutions at one place.


All solutions are verified for background, experience and capability.


SolveCubeHR has democratized the process of bringing buyers and sellers together ensuring that buyers are no longer dependent on their networks for appropriate HR solutions, and, Sellers receive work opportunities that they deserve to get!

How will I benefit from SolveCubeHR as a seller?

You will have buyers reaching out to you.

We can help you manage your payments.

You will not be dependent on referrals.

You save on marketing costs

How do I decide if SolveCubeHR is right for me?

SolveCubeHR is right for you if you are a:


Looking for work opportunities or to scale up

Have an exciting new product and looking for buyers

Looking for work opportunities that match your capability and experience


Expanding to new markets and looking for HR expertise to help you manage your people issues

In need of a quick piece of advice for a pressing HR issue

Looking for a cost effective smart way to support your HR function

Want your investee companies to be sustainable on the people front while growing the business

How do I connect with the people behind the SolveCubeHR platform if I need special assistance?

While SolveCubeHR can be accessed independently and is intuitive, if you find the need for to connect with us or need additional relationship management support for your organization you may reach our experts via the contact us page or on [email protected]

Why should I become a paid subscriber?

As a subscriber you will be entitled to discounts and benefits

Premium and Platinum categories offer better savings to both Buyers and Sellers, while sellers get more opportunities to earn.

Can I change my subscription plan midway?

You can pay to upgrade your subscription plan anytime and avail of the additional benefits with immediate effect.

However, should you choose to lower your subscription you may switch only on expiry of the existing package.

Can I get a refund on my cancelled subscription plan?

You may cancel your subscription plan anytime however there will be no refund on the money already paid.

What is the payment cycle for subscriptions?

All subscriptions are paid in advance on a quarterly or annual basis. Annual subscriptions attract deeper discounts on subscription fees

How soon after buying a subscription plan can I leverage its benefits?

You may avail of the benefits as soon as the subscription plan has been purchased.

Will I be at a disadvantage in receiving trade opportunities if I am not a subscriber?

If you are the best match for the job at hand you will be called upon to present your proposal regardless of you subscription status.

However, all things equal a subscriber gets ranked above the non-subscriber.

What are the advantages of 100% profile completion?

The matchmaking engine is designed to pick up data from your profile and match it against the requirements posted by the Buyer. When your profile is completed 100% you stand the best chance of receiving requests for proposals from the Buyer

What are the fees I need to pay

Signing up, registering and on-boarding is free for all users.

Lead generation fee is charged to sellers.

Transaction fee is charged to buyers

LAUNCH OFFER! No lead generation fee until October 2019

What is the difference between Registration and Onboarding?

"Registration" happens when you first sign up and give us your email we send you access to the platform.

Subsequently, when you open an account and build your whole profile, that is called "Onboarding".

If you are a Seller, leads can be sent to you only if you are Onboarded.

If you are a Buyer, you make post requirements or purchase products only when you are Onboarded.

How do I access assignments and post my proposal?

SolveCubeHR's matchmaking engine does all the work of accessing assignments for you!

You do not need to log in to your account regularly to search for postings. When the matchmaking identifies you as one of the best candidates for the job it will send you an alert via email or text message asking you to log in to your account and see the request for purchase.

All you have to do then is follow the steps on the platform to Post a Proposal

How do I receive the "Verified Seller" status and what does it cost?

When you tick the box to agree to having your background experience and skills authenticated by an independent authenticator assigned by the platform, you will receive a request for information that is required to complete the process.

If you are a Premium or Platinum Subscriber then the platform pays for you to be Verified.

What is the advantage of being a "Verified Seller"?

When you agree to have your background experience and skills verified by an independent authenticator you will be identified as "Verified".

Buyers often seek out Verified Sellers (because it means that they do not need to go through the process themselves) putting you at an advantage when it comes to awarding the assignment.

Can I clarify the proposal, negotiate and finalize the contract on the platform?

Yes, you can complete the entire transaction on the platform.

The Seller indicates the time at which they are free to take a call to discuss their proposal at the point of submitting the proposal.

You may set up more than one call to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the proposal before signing the contract.

The platform has standard ready t o use contracts which both Sellers and Buyers may avail of.

What's more as a Buyer if you need a second opinion you may also set up a quick call to speak to another expert with the HR on call facility to help you clarify your requirements.