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HR Toolkits- Professionally written, cost effective & downloadable for Start-ups, SMEs & Growth Companies

With over 85+ professional HR templates and 20 HR policies under 7 HCM practices, at your fingertips, you will never need to write a document from scratch again. You can pick and choose the toolkit that suits your company needs.

Starting from $30 USD!

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What is HRready?

HRready is a specialised solution to simplify human capital management practices, thus enabling business & line managers with toolkits to run their HR effectively.

As a first offering, we are bringing you HR toolkits for key practice areas identified from our research.

Designed for all

HR Toolkits can be used by start-ups, small or medium sized businesses or even large multinationals.

You can pick and choose the toolkit that suits your organisation needs.

Find a solution that fits

Through HRready, we are offering you HR Toolkits to help manage People Practices & thus set up or support the HR Function in your company.

These practices are considered the most important for businesses, as per analytics from 1000+ companies, using iCube's tech-enabled diagnostic tools.

20 Policies & 85+ Templates at your disposal

All you need to do is fill out the details in the pre-existing fields to have a readymade letter, guideline form or information page, for creating documents.

Customise for a minimum pricing

We understand your need for HR policies relevant to your business. Therefore, our Policies & Templates can be customized to your organization needs by our team of experts at cost effective rates.
We have got you covered!

We've got you covered

People = Profits

80% of CEOs and business leaders in Start-ups, SMEs and fast-growing companies are busy building their businesses and tend to procrastinate effective people management practices for sustainable performance!

Many of them acknowledge the business benefits of having professional frameworks, policies and templates but don’t know where to get them!

We bring 300 years of combined practical experience of creating and managing some of the best HR functions globally. We know what it takes to build your HR capability to achieve business results.

Every practice area toolkit has-

  • A robust framework
  • A set of professional policies
  • A set of templates

How will toolkits benefit you?

  • Attract & retain talent
  • Enhances people performance
  • Builds better employer brand
  • Supports in building a great place to work

About 7 HCM Practice Areas

Talent Acquisition

This practice area facilitates availability of the right people with right skills to deliver desired business results. Policies in this area range from recruitment & selection to employee referrals and employee confirmation. Templates include letters, emails and forms that any recruiting team can use to make their recruitment processes richer and more professional.

This toolkit contains


Performance Management

This toolkit will enable businesses to manage for performance that drives consistent business results. It consists of performance appraisal and performance improvement plan policies. Templates such as appraisal forms, letters and emails containing performance related communication and formats to ease your performance management processes are present in this toolkit.

This toolkit contains


Learning & Development

The toolkit on learning & development has been built to assist businesses to boost employee skills and competencies, thereby improving their bottom-line performance. The learning & development policies, forms, letters and email templates add to managing the learning initiatives more effectively and professionally.

This toolkit contains


Talent Management

The talent management toolkit aims to help create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational objectives. It includes policies like high potential employee program, succession planning and templates such as forms to plan and execute talent management initiatives systematically.

This toolkit contains


Rewards & Recognize

This toolkit supports all initiatives organizations use to reward and recognize employees regularly. It includes policies such as incentive plans, increments and templates to action out these compensation related exercises with ease and precision.

This toolkit contains


Employee Relations & People Risk Management

This toolkit has been built to assist an organization in crunch times like disciplinary issues, grievances and employee separation. The policies and templates on grievance handling, disciplinary procedures, POSH, employee exit and code of conduct will provide exhaustive guidance and appropriate communication tools for such events

This toolkit contains


Employee Engagement

The employee engagement toolkit intends to facilitate individual employee’s sense of well-being and attachment to the workplace. Policies and templates on health and wellbeing are a part of this toolkit and provide well researched formats to execute employee oriented initiatives.

This toolkit contains


Taking the time to invest in a strong HR Function can pay off in the long run so don’t cut corners with your documentation.

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