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Taking care of your
business effectiveness needs so that you can focus on your Business.

iCUBE addresses the sustained business performance needs of enterprises through its Business & HCM Advisory services using HR e-market platform and HR tools.

Advisory and Implementation Services

Business effectiveness

iCube’s expertise lies in the BFSI sector. It’s multi-disciplinary team of experts’ approach to delivering world class business effectiveness solutions is to integrate business process, technology and people practices.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

iCube’s services fill in capacity with its interim HR services. Besides, we also take on turnkey assignments wherein iCube’s experts create HCM structures that reflect the values and culture of the organization while integrating HR processes into business processes to support sustained business performance.


iCube Consortium provides simple, structured, cost-effective HR solutions

We understand that HR is a necessary cost that solves some problems for business leaders. So, our HR products are simple and cost effective.

SolveCubeHR is iCube’s deep technology enabled HR e-marketplace to buy and sell HR technology products, ready to use tools and tool kits and find contract and pay online for HR freelance expert services. Powered by an intelligent matchmaking engine SolveCubeHR ensures that you receive perfectly matched solutions for your HR need without having to sift through long lists and making numerous cold calls.

ICE Cube is a deep analysis assessment tool. It stimulates action around deepening and broadening HR capability.

P3 assessment tool pin points the HR action focus areas for your company.

HRready is a specialised solution to simplify human capital management practices, thus enabling business & line managers with toolkits to run their HR effectively.


Pentagon Model

After years of research & practice, we put together what Human Capital Management is all about with the Pentagon Model©

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RICAP Framework

Thriving organizations continually revisit strategic direction, download our framework to stay ahead.

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