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To Download our RICAP© FRAMEWORK  

Get a simple, easy to read overview of your organisation's
maturity on 31 people practices

Getting started with p3 is Simple, transparent & affordable — The only selection you need to make is the number of users.


Knowing which HR problems
to focus on
and what solutions are
possible is half the battle won!

P3 - People Practice Pulse - recommends actions that will make your HR
practice effective for your enterprise.


Find out more about your People Practices
in 3 simple steps and in 12 minutes!


Select any one or all 5 dimensions on the Pentagon

Step 1

Take Assessment

Provide your responses to the questions.

Step 2

Download Report

Download recommnedations and report in PDF

Step 3

Take the assessment today!


P3 - People Practice Pulse
is your instant guide to starting your HR journey.


Deliver an instant overview of your HR practices.


Ideal for SMEs and growing companies.


Covers 20 components that form the entire spectrum of people management practice.


Discover your HR strengths and development areas instantly.


Provides insights on what each practice area means for your business performance.


Receive Dynamic benchmarking data segmented by growth stage, country, and industry.


Simple, transparent & affordable —
The only selection you need to make is the
number of users.

Per User

$ 35(in USD)

More than 5 users?

We have discounts for your company !

Report includes
  • Index of 30 HR maturity statements derived from research.
  • HR maturity scores of practice areas completed.
  • Covers all dimensions of the Pentagon Model©.
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Know what you get, download our Sample report

People Practice Pulse provides a snapshot of People Practices in 12 minutes for your organization!

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